4 Corners Relocation is an independent Relocation Destination Service partnership between Andy Beaver & Karin Beaver.

Our independence allows us to deliver high quality home-search solutions with a caring and personal attention to detail. We provide a unique pre-arrival service set up to cope with the increasing demands of the property market and should you choose to use our services, you will find that our core strengths of Flexibility, Individuality and Confidentiality will allow us to meet your requirements on every level.
We don’t price ourselves per hour unlike some of our competitors and we would never leave any assignee to do their own property finding even after they have used their allocated number of days but will continue assisting from our office until the assignee has successfully found a home in the UK.

This flexibility together with our strengths in changing with the property market and with changes in each Company’s industry has meant that once our clients have signed up to our service they have never had any need to change their relocation supplier again.

In fact since 4 Corners was founded in 1998 we have never lost a client we are contracted to!!!  Our core focus is looking after your whole company from Partners to assignees.